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We offer cutting-edge real estate training that has been helping agents reach that next level for over 20 years. Our training is designed for Seasoned Agents, however if you are a newer Agent, this training will fast track your career and you will learn systems and strategies that will make you seem as though you are a 10 year veteran Agent.


OCAR Training Class – Our next class at OCAR in Laguna Hills will be in May. OCAR has not posted it to their calendar yet. Information on the class is below.  Until then, click on registration to find out about our upcoming training events at our training studio in the Tustin area.

OCAR events are held at: 

Where: OCAR in Laguna Hills

OCAR Laguna Hills
25552 La Paz Road
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Class:  Benefits to a Buyer Broker Agreement (for the Client as well as the Agent)

No agent would put a sign and lockbox in front of a property without a listing contract, but many agents expend time and energy showing properties to buyers without a signed buyer-broker agreement. When a buyer and an agent work together under contract, both parties benefit.

But how can you get a buyer to sign one? The Answer is….the same way that you obtain a signed listing contract– by showing your clients the benefits of signing a buyer-broker agreement and detailing how you will serve them. Learn how to quickly build trust and credibility with your prospective clients–resulting in a signed buyer-broker agreement.

In this class, we will be outlining all the benefits to a Buyer to sign a buyer broker agreement as well as all the benefits to an Agent to have one signed. The Result: Win-Win for all parties involved.


OCAR Members: $49
Non-Members: $59

OCAR Members: To register for this course: click here:

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