Next Level Real Estate Academy, Inc.
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Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: 714-267-2000

Welcome to Next Level Real Estate Academy!

At Next Level Real Estate Academy, we have created an advanced, cutting-edge Real Estate System for Real Estate Agents looking to take their business to the Next Level.  We offer training and one-on-one coaching on this system for agents looking to sell more houses in less time by increasing their efficiency and skills when working with buyers and sellers.

We specialize in 3 important areas to raise your career to the most professional level possible that will take your skills far beyond your competition. The 3 areas we focus on are Systems, Strategies, and Skills.   Our program helps you build a complete system far beyond just prospecting for leads. It takes all aspects of your business from the time a client steps into the marketplace all the way through the closing. It provides a road map for you to follow and lead your clients through the journey of selling or buying residential real estate.  If you follow this system, you will easily double or triple your income! You’ll be able to duplicate your success and you’ll have predictable income. Tried and tested for over 15 years, this program will easily catapult your career as it has for thousands of agents in the western United States!

Our training is a 2 prong approach.  Not only  is it designed  to teach agents how to go to the next level in their income and their career but the real and true beauty to this system is that you’ll learn how to educate and empower your Buyers and Sellers with unique and specific strategies and solutions to be the most educated and sophisticated buyers and sellers in the marketplace.  Very few agents know about these strategies.  For buyers, we’ll show you 5 strategies that can save them about 10% of the purchase price, even in a seller’s market. For sellers, we’ll show you strategies that will help them earn thousands more when selling their house. These strategies work in all market conditions, whether a seller’s market or a buyer’s market.

Our training is designed for seasoned agents to take them to the next level in their business.  However, if you are a  “newer agent, this system will fast track you to seasoned agent status far quicker than any other new agent .